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Fill your calendar with sales calls.
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Orapa is a pay-per-meeting marketplace. Sales reps schedule sales calls for you.
You only pay for qualified meetings with key decision-makers.


You have a few sales calls here and there, but that's not enough for you to scale your sales ops.

If a meeting gets cancelled, you're sad because this was the only sales call that day.

"We decided to postpone this project" emails are hitting you hard as you don't have any new opportunities.

You're always on the lookout for new deals because you're stressing about how you'll hit your goals.

You're struggling to build a repeatable sales process that gets deals closed in no time.


You have as many sales calls with people ready to buy from you as you need. Yes, even 10 a day if you can manage!

Meeting gets cancelled? No worries, you have like 5 more with people ready to learn more about your solution.

You have to go to the shop every day to buy a new pen for all this deal signing!

You don't look for new customers. They just come to your sales calls and give you money.

You feel like Comando Closer when working with our "mercenary" sales reps.

See who will schedule sales calls for you

Sales at SaaS company
San Atonio, US
David H.
SDR at Media agency
Warsaw, Poland
Natalie W.
SDR at SaaS company
Los Angeles, US
Jacob A.
AE at B2B company
New York, US
Alison F.
BDR at Tech startup
Vancouver, CA
Slava K.
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Hi, 👋
I'm Stan

I’m the founder of Orapa and I’ve been running my own lead generation agency helping digital agencies, software houses, and even Y Combinator startups get more sales calls.

For over 2 years I’ve helped dozens of companies create unique go-to-market strategies that resulted in $1.5M in sales.

My vision is to help companies have calendars full of qualified sales calls on-demand without hiring a sales team.

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“I used Orapa to find clients and book meetings for my digital marketing agency. They helped me big time to understand my target audience and landed me 5 meetings per month with super personalised outreach. It worked so well that I decided to use Orapa once again.

Pavels Mordvicevs

CEO at Camel Digital

"Working with Orapa has been an absolute dream. They're consistently bringing me in a stream of high quality leads for my agency and we’ve already closed multiple five figures in revenue as a result. I can leave everything to them, all I need to do is showup to the calls!"

Dylan Hey

Co-Founder at Hey Digital

How it works

Simply tap into our network of pre-screened, hard-working sales development reps.
They book sales calls with key decision-makers and you pay only for the results.


Post requests for meetings

Use your convenient dashboard to find top sales talent that will get you meetings with any decision-makers in any industry, with your specific criteria.


See reps apply

Find the best candidates with a proven track record of booking calls in your industry with the right decision makers, in no time.


Pay per meeting

You pick your favorite reps. They go and schedule calls with people that potentially want to buy from you. And you don't owe us anything if the meeting was bad.


Manage your sales

Receive invoices, pay only for qualified meetings on our platform and manage your on-demand sales team.


Get more sales calls.
Pay for results only.

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